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Roy Medical Hall is the FIRST Herbal (Unani Ayurveda) Health Care Centre in Bangalore (Karnataka) established by My Father late Dr. Mohammed Sharief Roy (M. S. Roy) in the year of 1994 we do our services in Trichy. He was a renowned Herbal (Unani Ayurveda) Physician and dedicated his life to the Development and Promotion of Herbal (Unani Ayurveda) Medicine in karnataka - India.

Hakim Dr. Mohammed Sheriff Roy inherited the tradition of practicing Herbal (Unani Ayurveda) from his father who belongs to a family of Hakims even practicing at the court of Mughal Emperors. Almost all of our family members are practicing Herbal (Unani Ayurveda) for ages all across the Country and even Abroad.



Late Dr. M. S. Roy

After Dr. Mohammed Sharief Roy’s demise… his son Dr. Basheer Ahamed Roy (B. A. Roy) and grand son Dr. Sadiq Hassan Roy (Final Year Student at Government Unani Medical College Basaveshwara Nagar, Bengaluru) have inherited the Unani - Ayurvedic tradition and successfully running this family clinic.

Dr. Basheer Ahamed Roy (B. A. Roy)

Dr. Basheer Ahmed Roy has been practicing as an herbal medicine specialist (Unani Ayurveda) for the past 25 years at Sagardispensary Bangalore and has successfully treated lakhs together patients with his unique and safe herbal medicines. People have benefited from his scientific approach and are leading successful happy married life.

Dr. Sadiq Hassan Roy

Dr. Sadiq Hassan Roy, who is a Final Year Student at Government Unani Medical College Basaveshwara Nagar, Bengaluru has inherited unani system of medicine from his father and forefathers will be soon joining their family profession and serving people successfully in future.

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